Fortune-Telling Games for Halloween

Since the time of the Druids, Halloween has been a time for divination, or forecasting future events with magic.  Many of these fortune-telling games have been traditionally played at Halloween parties, and most involve apples.

Apple Peel: Try to peel an apple without breaking the peel.  Take the curly strip of peel and throw it over your shoulder, incanting Peel, peel, please reveal the first initial of my true love. Or Paring, paring, long and green, tell my fate for Halloween.  Or you could also say, By this paring let me discover the initial letter of my true lover. Then look back to see what letter the peel has formed.

Here’s another: take five apple seeds, name them, and press them to the forehead.  The one that remains is the one you will marry.  A variation: if you are torn between two loves, name two seeds and place one on each eyelid.  The one that falls off first is the one you should let go.

You know the game, bobbing for apples?  When we were children, we always ate our captured apples.  But tradition holds that if you place it under your pillow that night, you will dream of your intended.

All kinds of games revolve around nuts, such as roasting a hazelnut by the fire.  A roasting nut that explodes generally foretells a negative outcome or unhappy relationship; while an evenly burning nut (or pair of nuts) predicts marital bliss.

Various superstitions surround Halloween customs.  One is that if an unmarried woman looks in the mirror at midnight on Halloween, she will see the face of her future husband.

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