Creature Double Feature: Werewolf of London and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

As a special treat, is making a selection of classic Universal horror movies free to view online in the Halloween month of October. I thought I would feature two a week, just as I used to watch them at the Biograph Theater in Richmond, VA back in the day.

Our double feature tonight includes two werewolf movies!

According to Wikipedia, Bela Lugosi was originally considered to star in Werewolf of London but he was already involved in Mark of the Vampire. I think the humorous scenes between the two old ladies in Werewolf of London are worth the price of admission. The motif of the antidote is original to this movie.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1944) stars Lon Chaney, Jr., Bela Lugosi and Maria Ouspenskaya, who had appeared in The Wolfman (1941) with Chaney, along with Claude Rains (The Invisible Man, Casablanca, Notorious). It was the first of many “monster rallies” pitting two or more monsters against each other (or as allies) in horror films. Lugosi’s physical representation of the monster became iconic and widely imitated in subsequent portrayals, just as he had done for the character of Dracula. He wore 35 pounds of makeup for the role of the Frankenstein monster and collapsed on set and had to go home once from the sheer exhaustion of acting wth that much makeup on.


The links to the free movies are in the titles of the movies above. Enjoy!

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