Upgrading Your Fall Home Decor

My name is Mary and I have had tacky fall decor. But Garrett LeChic changed all that. Now,  a big box of just-isn’t-right is on its way to Goodwill. In this video, you will learn why glitter, signs and blow up yard figures are just plain tacky.

But, hey, if you love it, you love it! Do your thing!

While I think these decorations can be tastefully done, I do agree with Garrett that less is more and that an uncluttered space is more restful. I also like using decor that works from early September through Thanksgiving, because I do not have the energy or storage space to change things up monthly.

I also agree that turning functional objects into decor items so that they are no longer functional is just plain silly. I see this mostly with towels and washcloths online; some even wrap these items with ribbons and faux flowers. That’s not practical design.

One thing I have learned is that just because decor merchandise looks great as presented in a store display, doesn’t mean it will look great inside (or outside) your home, where the dimensions and furnishings are completely different. It doesn’t really take a big budget or a lot of effort  to give your living room a fall vibe. You can do it with a throw and a candle.

But be aware that there’s plenty out of merchandise out there that will age your living space. As much as I love Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Marshall’s and the Home Store, that is where you will see style that is on the way out. They sell items that appear familiar in design. They are accessible and affordable because that is what people like. So you’ll find sentimental decor with plenty of overstuffed wreaths, watercolor touches and word art, that, while sweet and pretty, will not be a sophisticated look for your home. But not everyone is going for sophisticated and your home should look like you want.

If you do want to try something different, you can update your home’s look on a budget. If you want to transform your living room with stylish fall or Halloween touches, try looking for bargains at thrift stores or cover your existing pillows with fabric. Shop for trendy bargains at Target, JoAnn fabrics, World Market and Five Below. Wal-Mart will often surprise you with great affordable lamps and coffee tables, if you look online for sales. Paint is another affordable way to enliven your space, e.g., with an accent wall in a trend color.

Here is a video on how to update the look of your home on a budget.

Another thing I have learned is that if you are on a budget, one way to upgrade your space is to invest in good quality, on-trend table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures. Be wary of going too small.

A quick way to upgrade a bathroom is to clear the sink of clutter and put liquid hand soap in a good-quality dispenser.

Here are some decor trends that are out, or on their way out. The trends are similar for Christmas, so you may not want to divest your home now of…

  • Shiplap
  • White subway tile
  • Signs of any description, e.g. “Gather,” “Happy Fall, Y’all,” etc.
  • Picture frames that say things like “Family”
  • Over-sized initials
  • Word art
  • Wall stickers
  • Glitter
  • Edison light bulbs
  • Decorations that serve no functional purpose, e.g., chunky strings of wooden beads, structural balls
  • Modern farmhouse, e.g., Mason jars, black chicken wire baskets
  • Wreaths made out of faux leaves and flowers
  • Raffia
  • Bows of any description, including those made with wired ribbon
  • Bright orange and black
  • Bling in all iterations
  • Floating shelves
  • White-washed or pickled furniture or decor
  • Button tufted headboards
  • Millenial pink
  • Gray kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • Macrame wall hangings and plant holders
  • Hanging pots of plants
  • Groups of tiny little potted succulents
  • Mid-century furniture is also on the way out. It’s generally pretty minimalist so you don’t have to toss what you have! But you might not want to invest in new pieces.

And what you might want to use instead would be…

  • Mixing up varieties of textures, with pillows, throw rugs, etc.
  • Natural woods in tones of honey, caramel, brown and black stain
  • Metallics in matte soft black, burnished copper, brushed, soft, brassy gold
  • Muted tones of burnt orange, soft black and creamy ivory
  • Plant pots and candle holders in ceramic (glaze in natural tones)
  • Woven baskets (e.g., hyacinth fiber)
  • Rattan, bamboo and cane are still on-trend
  • Turkish/tribal pillows, poufs or rugs in soft, pale tones
  • Light fixtures with drum shades in linen or with sheeny metallic finishes
  • Aloe vera plants
  • Wood panel headboards
  • Cameo pink, clay, sage green
  • Velvet (e.g., a velvet pumpkin or pillow)
  • Decorative touches that serve a purpose, e.g. a special box or candle
  • Mix different sizes of paintings, prints or framed and matted photos for a gallery wall
  • Frame family photos in natural wood, black or thin gold frames
  • Wreaths made out of a single medium and color, e.g, dried grass or faux eucaplytus  where part of the wreath form is exposed
  • Trays to corral your stuff on coffee tables and dining room tables. But instead of square trays LOADED with candles, look for acacia wood, hyacinth basket and enamel metal trays where there are only about three items (e.g., a candle, a few acorns and another decor object, with plenty of “blank” or “negative” space)

Do you agree with Garrett? How do you plant to decorate your home for fall?

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