Take a Neighborhood Spooky House Tour

One of my favorite things to do in Octobers gone by was to drive around the neighborhood with my son and check out the Halloween decorations and lights at night. My son called this a “Spooky House Tour.”

The weeknights before Halloween are perfect for setting out on a tour. There are fewer crowds and less traffic. Of course, you want a night that is not rainy. Homeowners tend to prefer that you drive by before 9 pm. You can always drive by during the day, too, especially if your children are really young.

Halloween yard scene
Friends you’ll meet at the “Haunted Half-Acre” home in Falls Church City.

The great thing about a Spooky House Tour is that it celebrates creativity. It is also free, so it’s inflation-friendly…and it’s also a pandemic-safe to get in the spirit of Halloween.

Daytime strolls are fun, too. Sometimes, that is the best way to really see all the details, if there is a sidewalk and it is safe to walk around.

Driving around your own neighborhood is fun. But some homes are known for their decorations. Here are some places in Northern Virginia you might want to check out…


Del Ray is a neighborhood that is known for its fun, community spirit and creativity.

  • 410 East Nelson Street and surrounding homes in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.

Falls Church

  • 510 East Broad Street, Falls Church City. Across from Dulin Church on Rt. 7 East, the Haunted Half-Acre in Falls Church City is a labor of love. You will want to park on a side road, like Berry Street, because there is no parking on Broad Street. I just visited the display and it’s fun in the daytime, too.
  • Berry Street also has some good yard and home decorations.


Herndon has lots of homes to see. The first stop you’ll want to make is the Historic Herndon House in the Town of Herndon. These are private residences so please view them from the sidewalk. The Town is fine for walking. If you went at dusk, you’d see plenty of details but still get the advantage of the lights, if they are turned on.

  • Historic Herndon House. 610 Spring Street.
  • 2508 Halterbreak Court and surrounding homes.
  • 13601 Brass Harness Court. Park at Franklin Middle School.

I found this information from this excellent, detailed article (with lots of pictures) from Fairfax County and from this Patch.com article. There are more houses and details in the articles. Be sure to check them out!


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