About this blog

Welcome! This blog is published late September through early November and celebrates the best that Fall has to offer in the Northern Virginia region, including harvest festivals and Halloween events.

I’ve also included articles and videos about some fun ways to celebrate the season, including, traditions, recipes, costume ideas,  and more. I would love to have your contributions and ideas.  If you would like to contact me directly,  email mary@fletcherprince.com.  Here are some of the regularly scheduled features you’ll see…

Shopping Saturdays

Halloween treasures found around town.

Mark-Your-Calendar Mondays

A weekly update of upcoming festivals and Halloween happenings in the Northern Virginia area

‘Toon Tuesdays

An online film festival of vintage cartoons

Friday Night Cinema

An online film festival of full-length vintage movies in the public domain, posted at 12 Noon

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to subscribe!  Thanks for visiting!

Your friend in blogging – Mary


I invite you to visit Cool Yule: a blog that celebrates Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  I also write 

Here are some of my YouTube channels. Thanks for commenting on the videos.  I love subscribers!

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