Halloween 2019 Makeup Picks

Come back every day this week to explore Halloween costume looks during Halloween Costume Week on Autumn in Virginia! If you are interested in makeup and looking really different on Halloween, then I have some ideas! Wet and Wild Fantasy Makers 2019 Collection Wet and Wild has introduced their Fantasy Makers 2019 Collection. It's pretty... Continue Reading →

Halloween costumes inspired by Game of Thrones and Stranger Things

If you're like me, you binge-watched Game of Thrones and Stranger Things this year. Maybe a few times. Did you know you could dress like Daenarys Targayren or Arya Starck for Halloween? Or maybe you'd rather attempt Eleven or Robin in Stranger Things. All these options are possible because very cool versions of these costumes... Continue Reading →

Costume Idea: The Ghost in You

Why are ghosts scary? Because everyone...everyone...is afraid of death. Ghosts represent our mortality and finality and the unknown. When you dress like a witch, you know there is no way you are going to fly through the air on a broomstick. When you dress up like a vampire, you know you are not going to... Continue Reading →

Costume Idea: Season of the Witch

Oh yes, it is truly the season of the witch, and not only because it's Halloween. Witchcraft has become a thing. There are even Christian witches now. A movement of African American Millennial witches is growing. You can find more than 11,000 starter witch kits on Etsy, ranging in price from $6 to $600. We have come... Continue Reading →

Costume Idea: The Devil Inside

Well, there certainly is a lot of sympathy for the devil these days. Billy Eilish recently released her single, all the good girls go to hell. When Netflix released Season 4 of Lucifer this year, it was its most watched original series. Amazon Prime Video aired the angel/devil series, Good Omens, to critical acclaim. In the The... Continue Reading →

Green your Halloween with Goodwill

When I was growing up, we didn't buy our Halloween costumes -- we made them from clothes and accessories we found in our Mom's closet.  We bought the occasional witch hat or mask, of course, but mostly our costumes were creative creations.  I still remember putting together my gypsy costumes. This year, Goodwill Industries International... Continue Reading →

4 Fabulous Halloween Costumes for $29.99

Party City has hundreds of Halloween costumes.  I've selected four of my favorite styles for women.  What I like about these is that they are modest enough for a mama to wear to give out candy or to attend a Halloween party, but they still have plenty of glamor.  And most of these styles are... Continue Reading →

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