Craft Spooky Painted Rocks for Halloween

Here is a fun and easy craft idea from Michael's that is great for adults or kids. You will need acrylic paint, including some glow in the dark acrylic paint, rocks (of course), Mod Podge, glitter, paint brushes and paint cups. Here is a video for inspiration showing some ideas for the glow in the... Continue Reading →

How to Pick a Pumpkin Like a Pro

Looking for the perfect carving pumpkin? Here are some pro pumpkin-picking tips.. Look for a pumpkin that has a good handle on it. It will keep fresh longer. For carving, pick a pumpkin that weighs 20 lb or more, about as big as a basketball. Consider waiting to carve your pumpkin until close to Halloween,... Continue Reading →

Create a “Drip Art” Pumpkin

Since today is National Art Day, I thought it would be cool to create a drip-art pumpkin. I have never seen one, but the Crayola instructions make it look easy. You can even buy paint just for pumpkins in Halloween colors from Crayola, but any acrylic craft paint should work. You'll need a pumpkin, paint,... Continue Reading →

Make an autumn bracelet

I have two main hobbies - collecting rocks and making jewelry, especially bracelets. Stretchy bracelets are easy to make and easy to wear. I picked out some natural stones in fall colors to inspire your own creations. Here are some stones that remind me of fall... Mookaite is a jasper stone that comes in a... Continue Reading →

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