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Tips for creating a sexy, haunted bedroom

Why not decorate your bedroom for Halloween this year?

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?  Have you ever decorated your bedroom for Halloween?

There are a number of cute ways to decorate a child’s room for Halloween, if you wanted to do that, but I’m talking about your own, romantic bedroom.

No doubt about it, for women at least, Halloween has its sexy side.  Halloween costumes for women are definitely getting a bit more risque.  And why not?  If it’s in the confines of a club, or a party, or — gasp — your bedroom, Halloween is as good a reason as any to spice up your love life.  Personally, I think Halloween’s a lot sexier than Valentine’s Day, and way less pressure.

My bedroom philosophy — is it possible to have a bedroom philosophy? — well, my take on bedrooms is informed by wisdom from my mother, my doctor, and personal experience.  And this extends to Halloween, believe it or not.

My mother advised me not to put a television in the bedroom.

My doctor, who was treating me for insomnia, told me not to use my bedroom for anything but sleeping and making love.  Not reading, or working, or surfing the net, or all those other things people sometimes do.

I still cheat sometimes and read a little in there, but mostly I try to keep it as a relaxing space.

I have a child, and if you have kids, you know that kids are going to gleefully invade your bedroom every chance they get.  Have a playdate, where do they all go?  Your bedroom.  At least that is my experience.  They all love Mom’s room. Why, I don’t know.  Maybe it just feels cozy.  In fact, that’s how my son contentedly describes it.  And that’s fine.  You know, if they’re sick, or had a bad dream, they’re coming in there. Might as well be a place they feel comfortable.

But, most of the time, it’s still MY room.  My bedroom only has a bed, a side table, a slipper chair, and some paintings, and that’s it.  Except at Halloween.  When I introduce a little theater. Blame it on my dramatic bent.  But I love Halloween, and bedrooms are perfect for staging a little gothic fantasy.  My child loves it.  But guess what?  So does my main squeeze.

Think your boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend or wife) won’t go for it?  Try it.  Surprise him (or her) this Halloween, put on the costume and everything.  Just imagine a setting where you might get ravished by a sexy vampire.  All you need is a sense of humor, a little creativity, and some nerve!

Here are some decorating tips for creating a spooky but sexy Halloween bedroom…

String up Halloween lights around the ceiling and windows.  They look like Christmas lights but come in Halloween colors.  The bulbs on mine are half orange and half purple, and the wires are black.  Are they ever fun!  They create a warm, flattering glow that creates just enough light.  You can get them at Target or party stores.

Of course, candle light is romantic, too.  What about a pumpkin scented candle?  The smell of pumpkin is warm and spicy, and for most men, chemically, a real sexual turn-on.  Just don’t get the Yankee Candle pumpkin version because in my opinion, it’s much too strong.  Target has a pumpkin scented pillar candle that is more pleasingly subtle and it’s only $2.99.

Switch out your curtains to keep the room dark.  I used Room Essentials black cotton curtains from Target, less than $20.  They look awfully spooky but they’ll come down after Halloween.

Add some chic, sexy, but spooky props.  Keep it darkly romantic.  You don’t want cutesy orange and black Halloween decorations, or gross zombie stuff.  Go for the black, purple and silver party and home decor accessories that are all over the place. Think: candelabras, glitter pumpkins, drapey black fabric, black feathered birds.  I bought some drapey, net black fabric from Party City and Merrifield Garden Center.   Also there are some cool black lace items, like table toppers, with cob web motifs.  Elegant but spooky.  Are you serving champagne or martinis?  Dark chocolate dipped strawberries?  You can find some fun Halloween goblets and plates for just a dollar or two.  You can find many inexpensive Halloween decorative items at Oriental Trading Company, Michael’s crafts store and Party City.  For more luxe items, check out Christmas Attic in Old Town, Merrifield Garden Center, and Pottery Barn.

Create a spooky-sexy bed.  If you’re like me, and you have an impossibly girly, all pink bedroom 🙂 you might need to make a few alterations to set the Halloween mood.  I think simple is best for the bed.  You don’t really want anything distracting from you and your lovely costume.  You could go for all white cotton, ghostly sheets.  Or you could splurge on some black or deep red satin sheets.  Whatever you think would look best with your vampire, witch or she-devil costume!  JCPenney had a queen set of black satin sheets for just $29.99.

Don’t forget the mood music!  So, if you’re going to all this trouble to create a spooky scene and wear a costume, and everything, of course, you are going to need a soundtrack (not to mention a babysitter).  So I suggest you make an iPod playlist and add some really evocative, moody, but sexy music.  I like a lot of older alt pop, like Bryan Ferry (Boys and Girls), Echo and Bunnymen, and Cat Power, but you could also try new cuts from bands like Metric.  Whatever feels right for the mood.  Just NOT Monster Mash.

Do you have any Halloween decorating or costume tips?  Leave them in the comments!


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Read: Pineapple Puts Pumpkin In Its Place

Pineapple Puts Pumpkin In Its Place.

Think Jack O’Lanterns are just for pumpkins?  Think again. Omawarisan of Blurt Blog tells why he is carving a Pineapple Jack O’Lantern for Halloween this year.  Hint: the man really does not like pumpkin in his food.  Or coffee. The accompanying photo is too adorable to miss.

Check out his funny post and let me know what you think of this non-traditional Jack O’Lantern!

P.S. Actually the first Jack O’Lanterns were carved out of turnips.  So I suppose pineapples are fair game…

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Halloween Shopping at The Christmas Attic (Video)

I purchased these striped candles and black glitter candelabra; couldn't resist them!

Don’t let the name throw you off.  Yes, The Christmas Attic in Old Town, Alexandria (Virginia) has Christmas decorations all year (the entire top floor is dedicated to Christmas ornaments and collectibles).  But they have beautiful things you would enjoy year-round, including some pretty fantastic Halloween decorations and items.

I love Old Town and spent some time here while waiting to go on a Ghost walking tour recently.  I found

  • Spooky books
  • Halloween ornaments
  • Halloween candles, light sets, and candlelabra (I purchased some of those!)
  • Halloween headbands and witches hats for the glamorous witch 🙂
  • Glittery skulls and skeletons

and much more.  If you like to poke around shops, you will be enchanted with this store.

125 South Union Street (corner of Union and Prince Streets), Alexandria, Virginia
(703) 548-2829

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Favorite Halloween Finds at Oriental Trading Company

I just got the Oriental Trading Company Halloween catalog and thought I would share my favorites. All items are available for sale at

This spooky fireplace mantel scarf is 8 feet long and retails for $9.99. Rather elegant!

Vampires are cool right now, aren’t they?  Now everyone in your office can have a pair of fangs.  And what a photo that would make for your blog! 🙂  Get 72 gl0w-in-the-dark fangs for $4.99.

I love taper candles, but  I don’t like the wax they drip all over my table and mantel.  And have you ever had one fall over at a party?  That’s the kind of scary I don’t like on Halloween.  So I think these electric taper candles are pretty ingenious.  If I were having a party, I’d definitely invest $4.99 in a pair of these.

Can we all agree that the stretchy spider web stuff you buy by the bag in drug stores does not look scary?  It tends to ball up like white cotton, and when it rains, it’s just a mess.  But this creepy cloth has that authentic haunted house look and appears as if it would be a lot easier to work with.  $3.99 for four yards, what a bargain (also available in other sizes and gray color).

There were tons of other Halloween decorating items.  Check them out!

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Halloween Shopping at Merrifield Garden Center (VIDEO)

Merrifield Garden Center (corner of Gallows Road and Lee Highway, just outside of Falls Church, Virginia) is a lovely time to visit any time of year.  If you love Halloween decorations, I recommend you visit. You’ll find

  • Pumpkins (59 cents/pound)
  • Mums and pansies
  • Halloween decorations
  • Harvest-themed decorations
  • Holiday lights and candles

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3 Fun Places to Buy Pumpkins

Mary with pumpkins at Merrifield Garden Center

Wow, are there ever a lot of pumpkins out.  Must be fall! 🙂 Here are three local places that are selling pumpkins (going rate for the big ones seems to be about 59 cents per pound), as well as plants, apple butter, and Halloween decorations.

If you’re picking a pumpkin to make a jack o’ lantern (the big ones aren’t any good for pies), then look for one that sits well, and doesn’t have any soft spots. Medium-sized ones may be easier for kids to carve.

Pigboy Willy’s Pumpkin Patch

Witches for sale at Pigboy Willy's Pumpkin Patch

I had to stop here because of the name.  I asked the lady at the stand about the origin of the name, and all she could say was that it was an old family story.  The pumpkins are arrayed on the parking lot in the corner of Pan Am Shopping Center on the corner of Lee Highway and Nutley Street in Fairfax, Virginia.  I like the witches. They were plenty big and would decorate an entire door, or add a bit of color to a Halloween party, and they were only $13 each.

Cox Farms Vienna Market

If you don’t feel like driving out to Centreville, you can get some of the pumpkin patch experience (for free) at the Cox Farms stand in Vienna, Virginia (2599 Chain Bridge Road). They also sell fresh, local apples, honey sticks, cider, pies, and preserves.  There are also hay bales and wooden playground equipment to climb, as well as wooden cutouts for photo opportunities.

Merrifield Garden Center

On the corner of Lee Highway and Gallows Road, in Merrifield, Virginia, you can find — not just pumpkins — but pumpkins in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes.  So if your taste in pumpkins runs to the hip and eclectic, you should make this your pumpkin patch stop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Halloween Shopping at Cracker Barrel (VIDEO)

Cracker Barrel has some really fabulous Halloween decorations, goodies, and costumes this year.  I am always happy for an excuse to go to Cracker Barrel because I love their biscuits.  In addition to lunch, I bought

  • Dickinson’s Country Pumpkin Butter $3.95
  • Halloween Hat $9.95
  • Bouncy Plush Spider $4.95
  • Fingerless Halloween Lace Gloves $7.95

Here’s the video that shows my haul, plus much more!  In Northern Virginia, you can visit Cracker Barrel in Manassas, right off 66 West (exit 53) or you can also drive to Front Royal (end of 66 West).

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