Create an autumn sacred space

Many people have a space in their home where they display pictures, cards, trophies, religious items and other mementos of love, reverence and pride.  Think about how people use mantels and decorate them for the holidays and throughout the year. I don't have a mantel, so I use my bookcases, but the idea is the... Continue Reading →

Fall Home Trends 2021 – Transition Through Halloween

Are you interested in home decor? I don't have a big budget but I like adding touches to my home that make it feel updated. If you can't afford to change your whole decor, you could think about these colors and texures in throws, pillows, paint color, candle jars, table linens, or accent pieces. A... Continue Reading →

Leaf raking 101

The Joy of Raking Leaves I used to have a large lawn and even bigger back yard and I really enjoyed raking leaves. It's so satisfying and it's wonderful exercise if you don't overdo it. I saw my neighbors pass by and say hello. And there was frolicking in leaf piles when kids were involved. Good... Continue Reading →

My Fall Patio

Every summer, I decorate my patio with a tropical theme. But fall is here and it was time to put those decorations away. I spend a lot of time on the patio, especially while remaining safer at home during the pandemic, so I like it to look nice. I found it was pretty easy to... Continue Reading →

Fall Haul – Scents and Flavors

Along with the beautiful fall foliage, two nice things about fall are the warm and spicy flavors and fragrances. And it's even more pleasant when you can pamper yourself for a few dollars. Today, I discovered Werther's Original candies had two, limited edition flavors, Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice. The Caramel Apple one tastes just... Continue Reading →

Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Fashion is a product of the designer's creativity...but it also an indicator of the times. Fall 2020 fashion trends are influenced by the pandemic, widespread unemployment and other economic pressures, social activism and the fight for racial justice, concerns about the environment, LGBTQ pride, online shopping and challenges associated with social isolation. Perusing the fall... Continue Reading →

Falling Leaves in Fairfax County

  It's fall! So, when are the leaves going to start turning and falling? Because we had a long, hot and rainy summer -- remember all those storms? -- the leaves stayed greener a bit longer. But it won't be long now...and the leaves will drop as trick-or-treaters swish through them at the end of... Continue Reading →

September Flower Garden Tips

Do you have a flower garden or maybe a container garden? If so, you'll want to check out these tips from your friends at Merrifield Garden Center. September is a good time to... Take cuttings of your tender annuals, such as basil, begonia, coleus and geraniums. Root them in water or potting mix to grow... Continue Reading →

Fall Finds at Cracker Barrel

Biscuits would be enough. Biscuits would be enough to make me want to visit Cracker Barrel. But the old-country-store-style chain, with 645 stores in 44 states, also has a gift area, with a variety of fun, seasonal gifts and treats. And fall is no exception! I visited Saturday and took some pictures of items I... Continue Reading →

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