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Halloween and the Economy: 2010 Stats

Americans love Halloween.  More than 72% of Americans will hand out candy, more than half say they will decorate their yards for Halloween, and more than 33% of them will have a party or attend a party.

Halloween’s not just for kids anymore.  This year, 40% of adults surveyed plan to dress up for Halloween, and more than 11% will outfit their pets!

In the U.S., Halloween spending is estimated to be $5.8 billion this year.  The average American will spend about$66 on costumes, candy, and decorations  — about $24 on costumes, $20 on candy, $18 on decorations, and $4 on greeting cards.

For more on these fascinating statistics and their sources, please see the eMarketer report.



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Three paranormal encounters I have experienced: true ghost stories!

I am learning about how to produce videos, so I subscribe to Mark Apsolon’s YouTube channel.  In addition to his how-to videos, Mark likes to post “paranormal” experience videos.  All of them are tremendously popular, and there is lots of debate about whether the videos are fake or not. Here’s his paranormal video…

What do you think?  Staged?  Or real?  🙂  I decided to post a video response because the three “ghosts” I have experienced did not look like Mark’s.  I thought my experiences (which I hope were just dreams!) might give Mark some ideas for presenting an “authentic” appearing ghost in his videos.  No one was more surprised than me when my video response got thousands of hits on YouTube!  Anyway, if you want to hear my “true” ghost stories, check out my video.

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter? Do you think it was a dream, or the real thing?  Post your story in the comments!

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Halloween Indie/Pop Play List

Putting together a list of pop and indie music should really be a group effort!  Moving beyond the obvious (Monster Mash, Thriller), here are some songs I came up with — what are your suggestions? Please put them in the comments, and I’ll add them to my Halloween playlist…

  • Help, I’m Alive by Metric
  • I Put A Spell On You by Bryan Ferry
  • Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon
  • Obituary by Agent Ribbons
  • Building a Mystery by Sarah MacLachlan
  • Hunting for Witches by Bloc Party
  • Werewolf by Cat Power
  • The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

Oh, boy!  Bonus Music Videos with Mary’s Scintillating Commentary!

I discovered Metric when Pandora played it on my station and I love their Fantasies album. Of course, everybody probably already knows about them but I don’t have a TV and I miss a lot 🙂  I’m pretty sure she’s NOT talking about zombies, but that’s what this song makes me think of, anyway.

I discovered the indie band Agent Ribbons a few years ago when they came to town to open for Cake.  I love them, and not just because they’re clever, sexy, catchy-singable, and a girl band. Oh, okay, that IS why I love them.  They’re not super-famous yet, so no great video available for this graveyard song.  Get their CD for better sound 🙂

Sarah’s not exactly scary but I love her charitably worded send-up of poseurs. Enough Halloween words in this song to make the list 🙂

In Bryan Ferry’s video world, all the players are women 🙂 And that was the 90s.  Love this song.

Wow, don’t you just (still) love the 80s? 🙂 I never saw this video before, but the song always gave me chills.

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Harvesting the best of fall in a blog…

October is my favorite month — harvest festivals, crisp apples, fall leaves, incredibly beautiful weather, and Halloween!  If you love fall in Northern Virginia the way I do, then this blog is for you.  Comments welcome!

Your friend in blogging – Mary

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