Pamper yourself with a pumpkin spa night

With a little advance preparation, you can have an at-home spa night that is just right for autumn relaxation and self-care. Gather your pampering supplies: Herbal tea, mineral water or "spa" water (chill water with cucumber or lemon slices). Or enjoy a pumpkin smoothie. Fragranced bath products.Β Bath and Body Works has lots of seasonal fragranced... Continue Reading →

Ideas for a Fun, Pandemic-Safe Halloween

Celebrating Halloween while remaining safer at home? Here are some ideas. No-Risk or Low-Risk Halloween Fun Start the day with pumpkin spice coffee or make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Decorate your home inside and/or out with lights and spooky decorations. Plan a special Halloween dinner with a cheese fondue and pumpkin pie for dessert. Enter... Continue Reading →

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