Halloween Nachos

Ready for the weekend? Here is a quick and easy snack you can make for yourself or when the kids come home from school. For this recipe, you will need 1 bag of orange and black tortilla chips (from Giant Food), 1 package of 5-cheese "Mexican" or "Fiesta" blend shredded cheese (from Giant Food or... Continue Reading →

Sweeten the Day with Caramel Apples

I'm going to ask you a serious question. Do you feel like unwrapping the cellophane from 40 to 50 caramel candies?  My guess is: no. And those Kraft caramel candies have become kind of mealy in texture, anyway. So here is a recipe where you make your OWN caramel for dipping caramel apples and it... Continue Reading →

Recipe – Old-Fashioned Popcorn Balls

Have you ever had a popcorn ball? Sticky, sweet popcorn balls are a traditional Halloween treat that was especially popular in the mid-20th century, although they had been around at least a hundred years earlier. They were served at Halloween parties and distributed to trick or treaters. If you are old enough, maybe you remember... Continue Reading →

Recipe – Pumpkin Cookies

Happy Pumpkin Spice Day!  Here is a recipe for pumpkin cookies made with pumpkin pie spice. These are soft, cakey cookies. Pumpkin Cookies Makes 24 cookies. Recipe from Pillsbury Kitchens' Cook Book (out of print) 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter, softened 1/2 cup canned pumpkin puree 1 tsp vanilla 1 egg 1 cup of... Continue Reading →

October Tacos

Happy Taco Day! This is a vegetarian Hello Fresh recipe I adapted for every day use. It features the Halloween colors of orange and black and is very tasty. Use this filling in flour or corn tortillas. It's also good, served with chips, as a wrap or without tortillas. In the picture, I am using... Continue Reading →

Happy Oktoberfest!

The Bavarian folk festival Oktoberfest officially starts at noon today and lasts through October 3rd. The first Oktoberfest was a public celebration of King Ludwig's marriage in 1810. The festival involves parades, horse races, marksmen contests, traditional costumes, agricultural exhibits, music, dancing, food, and, of course, beer! While official celebrations in Munich may be cancelled... Continue Reading →

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