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Three paranormal encounters: true ghost stories!

Mark Apsolon’s YouTube channel is an informative “how to” resource for video-making.  In addition to his how-to videos, Mark likes to post “paranormal” experience videos.  All of them are tremendously popular, and there is lots of debate about whether the … Continue reading

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Fortune-Telling Games for Halloween

Since the time of the Druids, Halloween has been a time for divination, or forecasting future events with magic.  Many of these fortune-telling games have been traditionally played at Halloween parties, and most involve apples. Apple Peel: Try to peel … Continue reading

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Toon Tuesday: Betty Boop’s Halloween Party (1933) 

Happy ‘Toon Tuesday to you! Who doesn’t love Betty Boop? Wouldn’t you love to go to her Halloween Party? Witch paint, what a hoot! Need to find me some of that! Enjoy the video!

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10 Halloween Mood-Boosters for World Mental Health Day

Now, more than ever, we need to prioritize taking care of our mental health. One in five Americans lives with some form of mental health challenge but treatments and supports are constantly improving. There are also many helpful, free smartphone apps. … Continue reading

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Halloween origins – Disney video (1984)

With the help of Goofy, learn about the origins of this fun-filled holiday. A discussion on superstitions and traditions are also covered. Features the pumpkin host from “Disney’s Halloween Treat,” and many of the cartoon clips featured in that production. … Continue reading

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Halloween ASMR – makeup roleplay

Do you know what ASMR is? Well, it’s a really long term that we abbreviate, but I bet you guessed that. It describes a wonderful prickly-like but also relaxing sensation people experience when hearing certain sounds or seeing certain things. … Continue reading

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New USPS #HalloweenStamps are available today!

Today, the Postal Service will issue four Forever stamps, just in time for Halloween, and they are beauts! They will be officially dedicated at the Milford Pumpkin Festival in Milford, New Hampshire at 5 pm. The Spooky Silhouettes stamps feature … Continue reading

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The Irish origins of Halloween

Halloween was originally a pagan holiday to honor the dead. It can be traced back to the Druids, a Celtic culture in Ireland (as well as Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man) that existed more than 2000 … Continue reading

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It’s Good, Yah. Yah, It’s Good. For @BevieBJones

I’m dying. LOL. Grab your bowl of cereal and enjoy!

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Green your Halloween with Goodwill

When I was growing up, we didn’t buy our Halloween costumes — we made them from clothes and accessories we found in our Mom’s closet.  We bought the occasional witch hat or mask, of course, but mostly our costumes were … Continue reading

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