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Do you like to cook? A collection of easy fall recipes to try

Brrr, it’s getting colder, isn’t it?  I thought I would gather the links to the fall recipes in this post, in case you feel like spending some time in the kitchen.  These are my favorites not only because they taste good, but because they are easy to make.

I also included some recipes from my Christmas blog, Cool Yule, because these flavors are so good for fall: pears, pumpkin, and figs.  Enjoy, and please share your favorite fall recipes with me!

Cheese Fondue

Pumpkin Pancakes

Vegetarian Chili

Baked Rigatoni with Pumpkin and Sausage

Gingered Pumpkin-Pear Soup

Orzo with Figs, Prosciutto, and Gorgonzola

Pear and Pecan Salad with Mixed Greens


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